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Governors at Saviour C of E Primary

Governors have the following main responsibilities:

  • To determine the strategic future of the school;
  • To decide how the school budget should be spent;
  • To appoint senior staff;
  • To decide policy on such things as equal opportunities, discipline, sex education, special needs provision, salaries;
  • To oversee the curriculum provision.

Structure of Saviour C of E Primary School  Governing Body

All Governors meet at the Main Governing Body meeting each half term to make decisions, hold the school to account over standards and present any work completed in the sub committees.

Our Current Governing Body:

Chair of Governors – Cath Hilton (Foundation Governor)

Vice Chair of Governors – Chris Bagley (Foundation Governor)

Staff Governors – Evelyn Lister (Head), Lauren Bassett (Yr6 Teacher).

Two Parent Governors – Halima Sewehli & Tongoone Sikireta

Foundation Governors – Joyce Mounfield, Chris Fallone, Mary Whitby + 2 more to be appointed.

Diocesan Governor – To be appointed.

Terms of Office

The terms of office for our Governors is as follows:

Chris Fallone – 01/01/2009 to present

Chris Bagley – 18/11/2015 to present

Cath Hilton – 01/07/2014 to present

Evelyn Lister – 01/09/2009 to present

Joyce Mounfield – 01/01/2009 to present

Halima Sewehli – 01/12/2010 to present

Tongoona Sikireta – 21/01/2015 to present

Mary Whitby – 01/05/2012 to present

Gemma Briggs – 01/03/2013 to 23/03/2016

Phillip Geldard – 01/09/2013 to 31/08/2016

Shirley Hannon – 01/01/2009 to 31/08/2016

Saviour CE Primary has 5 sub-committees.  These committees meet once each half term.

  • Head Teacher Performance Management – Chaired by Joyce Mounfield
  • Pay Committee – Chaired by Joyce Mounfield
  • Assessment and Progress – Chaired by Rev.Chris Fallone
  • Health & Safety Committee – Chaired by
  • Finance, Premises and staffing – Chaired by Chris Bagley


Business and pecuniary interests of the Governing Body

An annual declaration is completed by all members of the Governing Body.

This can be viewed by clicking here.

Attendance Register 2016-2017

Please click the link below to see the attendance of Governors for 2016-2017

Register Governors 2016-2017


The Governing body

This is made up of:

  • Diocesan Governors
  • Staff Governors
  • Headteacher
  • LA Governor
  • Parent Governor

The Chair of Governors is Rev.Chris Fallone

The Vice-Chair of Governors is Philip Geldard governor & Pupil Premium

Parent Governors elected directly by the parents are:

  • Mrs Halima Sewelhi
  • Mr Tongoona Sikireta

Staff Governors elected by teaching and non-teaching staff are:

  • Miss Lauren Bassett

 Foundation Governors elected by the Diocese ( Church) Body are:

  • Mr Philip Geldard
  • Mrs Shirley Hannon
  • Mrs Joyce Mounfield
  • Mrs Mary Whitby
  • Mrs Chris Bagley

 Local Authority governors are elected by Manchester City Council :

  • Mrs Cath Hilton

Chair and Vice-Chair to the Governors are elected from the Governing Body.

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